Virginia DUI | DWI drunk driving and Virginia Reckless Driving are Virginia Criminal Class 1 Misdemeanor Criminal charges carrying the possibility of up to one year imprisonment, fines up to $2500 and/or license suspensions. Some Virginia DUI | DWI cases require mandatory jail time upon conviction - these cases are termed "Virginia DUI/DWI Enhanced Punishment" cases - those in which the BAC is above 0.15.

Law firms open and close and young lawyers gain their experience from unwitting clients who are unable to discern the differences in counsel.

When your Job and Reputation are on the line...

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The Bose Law Firm was established in 15 Years in Business1998 and has defended over 7000 cases to date. The Firm attorney is Sudeep Bose, Esq., a former police officer trained and certified in all aspects of DUI arrests, testing protocols, and speed assessment devices.

Attorney Bose serves on the Judicial Selection Committee of the Arlington County Bar Association and was elected to the Virginia State Bar Disciplinary Committee for Arlington and Falls Church, the body responsible for disciplining attorneys charged with misconduct.  The Firm does not solicit clients by mass mailings and the number of accepted cases are limited as there are no young, new associates in the Firm.

Attorney Bose is available for consultations on cellular phone at (703) 581-4050.  Attorney Bose's practice is high quality - not high volume.  Bose Law Firm clients are professionals seeking the highest levels of service and personalized attention from a leading professional in the field of criminal defense in Virginia.    


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The Bose Law Firm is involved in cases in all Virginia cities and counties including:

Fairfax County (Fairfax City Court, Falls Church City Court, Vienna Town Court, Herndon Court), Arlington County, Loudoun County (Leesburg Court), Prince William County (Manassas Court), Fauquier County, City of Winchester, Alexandria City and the U.S. District Court, Alexandria. Expert legal assistance and second-opinions are available for all courts in Virginia.

Attorney Bose

The Bose Law Firm proudly represents professionals including other attorneys, police officers, military officers, and executives accused of Virginia DUI, Virginia Reckless Driving and other criminal offenses.

Former Officer Bose


Police Officer

Attorney Bose is a Former Police Officer and Attorney.  As a former officer, he is highly trained in all aspects of DUI and criminal evidentiary matters.  Attorney Bose analyzes police procedures in your case from the stop to arrest looking for holes in the government's case.  Attorney Bose is certified by NHTSA to perform field sobriety tests and he is PBT certified.  He has advanced training in DUI arrests, drug interdiction, and interrogation.  Bose is also trained in vehicle speed assessment processes.   

Attorney Bose has advanced law enforcement training in Interrogation.  If the government prosecutor or officer is lying in your case, Attorney Bose has the skills to detect the deception without using any electronic equipment.  This training in Interview and Interrogation is given to agents of the FBI, DOJ, CIA, and other agencies.

Query: Did your arresting officer follow all the police procedural rules and standards prior to writing your ticket or arresting you? 

Former Virginia Private Investigator

Attorney Bose a former private investigator  licensed in the Commonwealth of Virginia.  He knows how to investigate and analyze.   

Query: Does the witness in your Virginia DUI accident case have convictions which affect his truthfulness?  Are there witnesses with exculpatory evidence in your Virginia DUI accident case? 

Science Training and Understanding of Scientific Evidence

Attorney Bose holds a Bachelor of Science degree with college coursework in chemistry, physics, organic chemistry, microbiology, and biotechnology.  This education is the basis of his understanding the Government's Expert Witness - Toxicologist.  Attorney Bose speaks the jargon and understands the principles involved in scientific evidence.  He is certified on the Intoximeter.

If there is a trial in one's DUI case and if the science of the blood or breath is attacked by the defense, there is a high probability of the government calling the Breath Section Chief to tender expert testimony.  Knowledge is power - particularly in the sciences.



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